Top 7 Reasons Mortgage Direct Mail Marketing Isn't Dead

By JC Kiadii

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Yes, it is true - if you aren't taking advantage of Internet marketing and social media, you are missing 80% of the mortgage market. This statistic has led a lot of marketing experts to sound the death knell for direct mail or print marketing. Reports of the death of mortgage direct mail marketing are greatly exaggerated. Here are some reasons direct and print mail marketing still work in a Web 2.0 world.

  1. Direct mail doesn't have to be expensive.

    To save costs, use online marketing (email marketing, search engine optimization, social media) for your entire list and keep your direct mail for a smaller, well defined audience. With this strategy I've been able to help my clients cut their direct mail marketing costs in (at least) half, while increasing their return on investment.

  2. Direct mail is highly effective under the radar marketing.

    So, your competitor subscribed to your email newsletter and is following you on twitter. He probably also has google alerts for your business name so that he knows what you are doing online. If you want to send information to your prospects and keep it away from prying eyes, direct mail is the way to go.

  3. Direct mail helps you stand out from the crowd.

    The good news about the increase in postage rates is that fewer companies are sending direct mail. This means your well crafted piece has a better chance of standing out.

  4. Direct mail allows you to reach out to people who haven't opted-in to your online marketing.

    Use your direct mail piece to stay in touch with people who haven't subscribed to your email newsletter or become your Facebook fan. While you're at it, encourage them to connect with you online.

  5. If you market reverse mortgages, you should be using direct mail.

    I recently attended a training session where one of world's top corporations shared the marketing intelligence they'd gleaned from studying the senior market. One of the things they learned is that direct mail works for this population.

  6. Direct mail is a ninja tactic for getting your prospect's real name and address.

    People routinely use junk email accounts to subscribe to email newsletters. One tactic that works for mortgage brokers is using a tips brochure to connect with a prospect. Here's how it works. Someone calls your office asking about mortgage rates. You give them your standard answer, and then explain that you have a brochure that goes into more detail. Would they like to receive it? Of course!

  7. Direct mail marketing is an effective way to convert your mortgage leads.

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Article Submitted On: August 15, 2010