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Top 7 Realistic Ways to Achieve Your New Year's Goals

By Robert Moment

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Have you ever completed every goal compiled on your New Year’s resolution list? Learn to set realistic goals and know your self-worth- what a better way to start the New Year.

The next time you find yourself measuring your success by reviewing a balance sheet or looking at the dollar signs on your bank statement, consider the following statement, “Your self-worth is more important than your net worth.” You’ll be much more motivated in the coming year if you understand your self-worth, which is so much more valuable than just your net worth. One is simply a number; the other is what opens the door to opportunities and can lead to amazing success. Stay self-motivated by knowing your self-worth.

There are seven realistic ways to achieve your New Year’s goals that will contribute to your self-worth and your potential for success in life:

  1. Practice conditioning your mind with positive thoughts. It’s tempting to get discouraged during times of stress, but you can train yourself to look at things positively. With practice, you can learn to look at even the worst situations as opportunities. Become aware of your negative thoughts as they happen, and replace them with a more positive spin – you’ll find that it soon becomes second nature.

  2. Exercise to stay energized. Your physical, mental, and emotional health are dependent upon one another. A bit of exercise each day will improve your energy levels and your mental clarity – both vital to staying motivated.

  3. Avoid negative people. True, no matter what we do, there will be negative people who enter our lives every now and then. But that doesn’t mean we need to surround ourselves with them! Negativity is contagious. Have you ever noticed how being in a room with happy people brings a smile to your face? Negative people can bring you down in the same way and sap your energy. Minimize your time with them, and remind yourself that their bad attitudes don’t necessarily have to be yours.

  4. Surround yourself with motivated, goal-oriented people. Make sure your team is a positive one and focus your time and energy on people who bring a motivated, animated influence to your environment. Creativity and optimism are just as contagious as negativity – they feed off of each other. The encouragement and support you’ll get from like-minded, goal-oriented people will spur you on to greater achievements.

  5. Be flexible. There is always more to learn and there will often be changes in circumstances that need to be faced head-on. If you can remain flexible, you’ll be able to adapt to unexpected changes and turn them into opportunities. Keeping your mind open to alternative thoughts, perspectives, and ideas will open doors and reduce your own stress. Considering as many opportunities and new ideas as possible is the kind of flexibility that will improve your self-worth by leading you down more paths that can lead to success.

  6. Stretch yourself past your limits. Don’t overexert or overextend yourself – that will only drain your energy. Instead, stretch yourself. Stretching yourself means trying as hard as you can and then giving a little bit more. This way, you won’t ever hold yourself back and you’ll know that

  7. Stop trying to be perfect. Nobody is perfect, so stop trying so hard. Begin the New Year by allowing yourself the luxury of imperfection. Giving up on achieving perfection gives you permission to focus on a much more realistic and admirable goal – reaching your own personal best and being comfortable and happy in your own skin. Perfection is the worst enemy of success. Consider completion to be your goal - not perfection. This way you can let go and move on to the next project without festering about endlessly trying to put the final “perfect” touches on each project you finish.

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Article Submitted On: December 26, 2007