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Top 7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your Next Interview

By Melanie Winograd

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It is not enough to dress up and arrive on time for the interview. Here are the top 7 big questions to ask yourself when trying to land your next position.

  1. Are you a problem-solver?

    90% of interviewees cannot answer "problem" questions.
    You should be able to tell the interviewer why they should
    hire you and what the company will miss out on if they do
    not hire you.

  2. Are you getting your resume out there - in a big way?

    80% do not generate enough job-seeking activity through
    networking to land interviews for the right jobs.

  3. Can you describe your skill set and how you are the
    best candidate for the job?

    80% cannot identify and/or describe desirable skills. A
    typical question is "What are your three greatest
    strengths?" Be ready with answers that include an example
    or brief story to illuminate your point.

  4. Have you done your homework on the organization?

    80% do not research companies for information and the
    problems they are in business to solve. You should develop
    your own tactful suggestions for solutions without
    appearing as a "know-it-all."

  5. Would you want to hire someone like yourself?

    50% have attitude problems. Most attitude problems come
    from fear, but show up as defiance. Hiring managers want
    candidates who they can train and rely on, not ones with
    inability to take instructions or feedback.

  6. Can you communicate your answers clearly?

    40% give a negative impression through poor performance
    during an interview.
    Speak up, speak clearly, make eye contact and use facial

  7. Can you withhold the urge to complain?

    40% complain about past employers or bring up personal
    Perhaps it was not your intention to complain or reveal
    information, but you honestly answered the beguiling
    "entrapment" question of "Tell me a little bit about
    yourself." Caution! Stay focused on the job interview
    with answers about your experience, education, skills, and
    success. Be positive and remember, never say anything bad
    about a former employer or give unnecessary details about
    how your last job ended.

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Source: https://Top7Business.com/?expert=Melanie_Winograd

Article Submitted On: October 14, 2006