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Top 7 Questions You Should Ask Your Web Designer Before Letting Him/Her Loose on Your Site

By Nicola Pilkington

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Some of us spend a lot of money on getting the right site - make sure YOUR designer can do what you want before parting with your cash...

  1. "Do you have your own web site?" A web site designer without a web site is like a printer without business cards!!

  2. "Can you show me 3 examples of your work?" If they all look the same - then the chances are so will YOUR site. Don't settle for a template design from a graphics package.

  3. "Can you show me references from satisfied clients?" Follow up references to see how well your designer relates to his/her clients.

  4. "How quickly will my site load?" The main page of your site should load in less than 10 seconds, and should be under 30K in size.

  5. "Will everyone be able to view my site?" Some of the more recent technologies are only viewable in newer browsers. What alternatives are put into place for browsers that are less than generation 4?

  6. "Will potential customers be able to find my site?" Will people be able to type your company name into a search engine (or your business type and location), and see your site in the top ten results?

  7. "Can you prove this?" Ask your designer to show you "live" searches on different search engines for three of their clients.

Today's Top7 Business Article was taken from the article "10 things to ask your designer", written by Nicola Pilkington, of Severina Publications, an Internet Marketing consultancy located in the UK and specialising in high search engine placements.

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Article Submitted On: June 29, 1999