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Top 7 Questions To Ask About A Potential Job Candidate

By David B. Plass

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  1. Talent - Can they do the job? If they can't do it today, could they learn how to do it tomorrow?

  2. Cooperation - Will they be able to get along with their peers?

  3. Manageable - Are they manageable in the style you use to manage?

  4. Communication - Can they communicate their needs, skills, desires clearly and succinctly? Will they be able to communicate their results, progress, stumbling blocks?

  5. Background - Is their background appropriate for the position?

  6. Self-improvement - Are they willing to learn and expand their skills?

  7. Loyalty - Will they still want to work here in 5 years?

Today's Top7Business Article Was Submitted by David B. Plass Director, Software Development, Schick Technologies, Inc.

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Article Submitted On: July 01, 1999