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Top 7 Promotion Tips For Small Web Site Owners With Limited Budgets

By Jimsun Lui

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Small Web site owners like me usually have a limited promotion budget. However, you can't get any traffic without promotion. In here I share my experience with you and summarize the effective and inexpensive techniques I have adopted.

  1. Submit your site to all general search engines plus directories.
    Think about it: If you submit to 2000 of them, 60 percent of them accept and list your site. And assume each of them send you only one visitor each day. So, you get 1200 unique visitors each day. That's not bad for many small sites.

  2. Promote your sites in specialty directories and portals.
    Due to their nature, only a special interest group of people visit their site. However, their traffic is extremely targeted. So, click-through rate is typically higher. Thus, you will get a better response rate. Now, find directories and portals that are related to your products/services, and explore how they can help you. Any inexpensive advertising plan? In many occasions, if you send an email to ask for a discount, you can get a favorable response. Typically, a 10-15 percent price reduction could be

  3. Ask for a link exchange.
    Go to a search engine and find out sites that are similar to your business. Send an email and politely ask for a link exchange. The most effective way is to add their links to your site before sending them an email. I tried it and usually I can get a favorable response. Sometimes, you will get something more than expected. I once asked for a link exchange. The site owner not only accepted my proposal but also added my company logo to his/herhomepage without any further obligation.

  4. Set up an autoresponder.
    Every time people ask for information about your products and services, they send an email to your autoresponder. You can automatically do multiple follow-ups this way. Sales can be increased. Also, at the end of the message, don't forget to ask the recipients to distribute the information to anyone who may be interested in it. For getting a free autoresponder, you can go to http://www.smartbot.net

  5. Write and submit your own article.
    You have a profound knowledge of your own business, right? Then you can write an article about your business and send it to relevant ezine owners and ask them to publish your article. If your article is published, you can show your readers that you're an expert and that your business can gain free exposure from ezines.

  6. Join some banner exchange programs.
    Granted some but not all banner exchange programs may make your Web site look unprofessional. But it's a trade-off. I still recommend small Web site owners with limited budgets to join them. Some better programs include [http://www.linkexchange.com], http://www.webmasterexchange.com and http://www.123bannerexchange.com.

  7. Distribute freebies with a link back to your homepage.
    Let me give you an example. Your site sells mobile phones. You can write a report or create an e-book with a variety of content, e.g., introducing the most trendy mobile phones, how to select a phone, etc. The main objective of producing these freebies is to tell your visitors you're an expert in your field and also to visit you when they need help. At last, the recipients are likely your loyal customers. And don't forget to explicitly ask your visitors to distribute the freebies to their friends.

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Article Submitted On: June 01, 2000