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Top 7 Principals to Life Purpose - What's It All About?

By Jo Ball

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For most people life is a fairly ordinary existence - and when I say ordinary I mean a contented, ‘far from perfect’ way of life. And that’s okay… until something major happens to rock the boat.

Divorce, illness, redundancy, an accident or the death of someone close – any one of these events is enough to get you thinking about your own morality. When you realise how thin the cord of life is you begin to contemplate the meaning of your life and the direction you’re currently heading. Life becomes more precious and you ask, ‘What’s it all about?’ or ‘What’s my purpose in life?’

You may be disillusioned with work. You may come home from the day tired or grumpy and unenthused after another day when your natural gifts have been unexpressed and passions thwarted. You may feel stressed or be under your doctor and on medication for depression. Other areas of your life may also be far from perfect and although you’ve decided to change things, you have no idea what you might change things to. It is here that many people become stuck and opt for the status quo. If you are one of these people then the rest of this article will help you.

Believe it or not a growing number of people are restless with life. They are shifting gear to accelerate away from difficulties at the first signs of trouble and finding that after an initial period of getting their heads around a new perspective on life, that life actually can be a magical experience where things that kept you back before – like a lack of confidence or money – are no longer a problem and very few things become major issues. I bet you’d like some of that, wouldn’t you?

So, how do you create this?

Finding purpose in life holds the key – and when I say ‘purpose’ I mean ‘Life Purpose’ There are a few principles to this and I’ve listed them below in very general terms to help you understand how simplistic living, governed by your Life Purpose rather than the dictates of society, can be.

  1. Principle One - you were born with a unique talent and a distinctive way of expressing it.

  2. Principle Two – at some level you already know your life purpose.

  3. Principle Three – Life Purpose is often hidden by day-to-day living. The problem is life got complicated and you forgot what it was you intended to do. The aim of this article is to help you understand what happens as a result of losing your way, so you can do something to change.

  4. Principle Four – Life purpose is not just job specific. Most people think life purpose is all about your work. Work is a key element, but not the be-all and end-all. You’ll find that your Life Purpose can be expressed through your work. For example if your Life Purpose is to work as a healer you could heal in a number of ways – by providing massage therapy, nursing, counselling, coaching or writing.

  5. Principle Five - Without clarity of life purpose living becomes existence. If you don’t know what you want you are like a ship without a rudder. You have no meaning or direction except necessity… and the direction others send you in – usually those who are clear what they want and have learned how to achieve their goals getting you to do the workload while they put their feet up and take five.

  6. Principle Six - A Life Purpose will benefit others. Ultimately your Life Purpose will benefit the greater good. It doesn’t have to be what Ghandi did for India. It can be much simpler. It could be the way you care for lame animals, the way you empower children or the beauty you create as a gardener.

  7. Principle Seven - Life Purpose links mind, body and spirit. When you work with your life purpose there is no gap between these essential elements of living. You take care of all three areas of your life. You mind is engaged, your body is energised and your spirit is raised. Once you’re on the journey living your Life Purpose is like experiencing magic from morning through to evening.

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Article Submitted On: April 25, 2005