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Top 7 Power Acronyms For Hiring And Keeping the Right Employee

By Vincent Wright

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  1. SEE - Set Expectations Early - During the interview process, communicate to the candidate what you will use to gauge their success. How much production will you need from them? What are the firm's most important schedules. When will things be due? What benefits can they expect to receive? Communicate! Communicate! Communicate!

  2. GEE - Get Expectations Early - You're building a partnership of human capital for your firm, therefore, once you've communicated what will make for success in your organization, persistently ask the candidate what they expect from a possible career opportunity with you. Their answer will be the key to their continued motivation. From these answers, you'll know how to motivate them in the future.

  3. MD - Minimize Differences - Here's the chance to instantly become the doctor you always wanted to be! Heal any differences between your expectations and the candidate's expectations early in your partnership with them right here, right now. This can be looked at as a kind of 'preschool vaccination". Vaccinate now against possible problems in the future.

  4. Next, once you hire them, show your new employee the 4 principle-centered secrets to getting "PAID" at your firm: Show them that they must be Productive; show them that they must be Aware of necessary information in their new company; show them that they must be Inviting to their new company's clients, prospects, and employees; show them that they must be Disciplined in performing core duties the right way and at the right time. Where possible, also show them "how" they must perform under these four principles. And remember, principles are timeless so it is always a good time to do these principles and never a good time to not do them. Go ahead, try not being PAID!

  5. Make no mistake about it - stress will come! Show your new employee how to keep going forward by helping them FOCUS on the Fundamentals Of Concentrating Under Stress. The fundamentals referred to here are the principles mentioned under Number 4 above. When stress comes, always take them back to being Productive, Aware, Inviting, Disciplined. Where possible, help them to resolve personal problems so they can get back to being "PAID".

  6. FOCUS will help employees to handle stress, but even the strongest person's batteries will run down from time to time. Then you'll need to bring in a champion technique to revitalize them. For instance - ALI! - Act Like It! Encourage them to act like things are going well and they will. Let them act like things are going bad and they will go bad. Remember, mood does matter. Belief matters. Therefore those that can get themselves to act from the right mood will be your stars. These are the ones you go the extra mile to compensate and give incentives.

  7. OBEY! - Only Belief Empowers You! My favorite all-purpose acronym! This is behind every good and/or bad thing we do! Belief is power! It is the engine behind being Productive, Aware, Inviting, and Disciplined. If the employee believes in your company and its services and/or products, then they will remain motivated and perform from a motivated mind set, giving you and them the best chance for success. Your job as the hiring manager is to keep them believing in your company.

Here's to hiring your way to prosperity!

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Article Submitted On: October 07, 1999