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Top 7 Phone Apps to Make Your Life Easier

By Alice Marshall

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When it comes to being productive, you could say smartphones are a hindrance. With notifications popping up constantly, you’re constantly reaching for it and it could appear like you’re not getting much work done. However, there are a number of great apps developed on smartphones to ensure you are efficient with your workload and are on top of your daily tasks. Promote these applications to your employees and to the company as a whole to boost productivity in managing workloads and bringing smoother structures to the business as a whole.

  1. Wunderlist
    A fan of organisation? Wunderlist allows you to note down all the things you need to do in one place. You can categorise based on work to personal tasks, as well as sharing your lists with others to collaborate on. So whether that’s the food shop list with your partner or jobs to do in order to complete a project for work, you can put it all in one app that everyone can see and tick off as you go. Wunderlist also allows reminders to be sent as push notifications to your lock screen, ensuring you work to a deadline, as well as adding comments.

  2. Trello
    Trello is a fantastic way to monitor any collaborative projects at work, as well as seeing visually where everyone is with any given tasks. Build cards and assign to different members, as well as colour coding and creating different boards for different areas of the business. Trello means you can move your card along as you work on the task, from ‘To Do’ all the way to ‘Researching’, ‘Completed’ and ‘Scheduled’. The vast customisation options mean you can use it however you want and in whichever way is suitable for the company.

  3. My Favourite Voucher Codes
    Whether you’re making an order for the business or a quick personal purchase, the My Favourite Voucher Codes app allows you to shop at a number of retailers all in one place. Buy computing equipment for work or order some new clothes for work in your lunchtime. My Favourite Voucher Codes is great for finding popular brands, as well as those smaller independent shops you may never have heard of. Not only is it an efficient way of finding what you need, but it also brings together the latest deals and money off codes. Better still, it gives 20% of its profits to charity each month, making it the best choice for saving apps.

  4. Pocket
    Gather all those interesting articles in one place with the help of Pocket. Got lots of background reading to do that could improve your performance at work? See something that sparks your interest, but don’t have the time to stop and read? By using Pocket, you can save anything you want to read at a later date. The Pocket app interface also means it’s presented clearly and accessible for anyone to read, keeping the page bold and clear. Pocket also saves articles, so you don’t have to be online to read them, ideal for if your commute takes you out of range of 3G, or you just want to be able to shut off incoming emails whilst you settle down to read.

  5. Flowdock
    Ideal for if you work from home or have a big team dotted across the world, Flowdock is ideal for catering to different time zones and organising work teams. Create different flows for different departments or projects and bring together the key players in that team. Flowdock also allows you to see exactly who is online and reachable, as well as showing their time zones and being able to tag specific people to send notifications straight through to them. You can also drop images, links and more that provide clear previews to work from, as well as work from threads to stop overlapping conversations getting confusing. There is also the ability to have one-to-one conversations for those more sensitive discussions, as well as the ability to share your screen or video chat.

  6. Website Blocking Apps
    From Focus to Self-Control, there are plenty of apps that you can use to stop yourself getting distracted. By entering in the apps you’re likely to go on and waste time e.g. social media like Facebook or Twitter, you can then set a timer and these websites will be blocked for the amount of time you set. This allows you to really focus in on the task at hand and, interestingly, also show you how many times out of habit you end up clicking onto said blocked sites.

  7. Forest
    Forest is a great app for those moments when you really need to get of your phone. Forest allows you to plant a virtual tree and see it grow the longer you keep the app open and don’t leave it to go on something else. The perfect companion on your desk as you work, you can see your progress and dedicate time to any tasks at end. Ideal for anyone competitive who likes to see things through, you’ll be wishing for forests rather than opening up another app and killing your tree. This is also a great app to have open when you’re trying to be better at spending more time with family and friends than sitting, unsociable, on your phone.

Alice is a writer and bargain hunter for My Favourite Voucher Codes. Between reading, blogging, and sipping on prosecco, she has dreams of the big city lights and travelling the world.

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Article Submitted On: May 14, 2018