Top 7 Online Marketing Secrets Your Competition Wishes You Will Never Know

By Patrick Ravi

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Dazed, confused and bemused. These are a few terms commonly used by the new player online. And we sure know how he/she feels, don't we?

Let me put it this way -- the new player can easily get dazed, confused and bemused by the onslaught of information and opportunities (legitimate or scams) on the Internet. These same groups of people sad to say are vulnerable to everything new that appears online. Many times they end up as casualties in the Internet gold rush, without ever really making anything close to what we call real money online.

Just today I read a true story of a person who has been online for five years (I repeat five years). He had joined everything under the sun. From MLM to online casinos. And he confesses that after all these years he has just started his own Web site this year to play the big boys game.

This is what he wrote: "In all the preceding history it may have become apparent to some of you already that I did not do what some of you did from day one." Man! What can I say!

When you think about it, can you really blame this guy? Don't forget that along with the massive amount of opportunities you can also be distracted by new free software, new free product downloads, etc. Why just recently I got distracted by an online jukebox. Without realizing it, half the day was gone. I had to slap myself and get back to work :D

Like my grandmother (maybe some of yours, too) always said, "Anything worthwhile achieving always needs your total attention and focus."

What are the key elements that you as an online entrepreneur need to focus on?

  1. You should have a daily and monthly marketing regimen. Doing the things that have to be done without being distracted. Other than research and development, one of your primary goals online would be to stay FOCUSED.

  2. How is your email signature? By developing a compelling email signature, you are able to brand yourself and your products.

  3. Start writing articles in your area of expertise. Make a
    list of ezine publishers in your target market group to whom you can submit these articles monthly. (With their prior permission, of course). Add your resource box below your article, writing a brief description of yourself in the third- person. Include your email and Web site address for future inquiries regarding your services or products.

  4. Get started with autoresponders to help you follow up and also to keep in touch with your customers and prospects.

  5. Set aside some time for research and development. Visit newsgroups, discussion boards, forums, and your competitors' Web sites to study how people in your target group do business online.

  6. If you haven't, you will need to start publishing your own newsletter or ezine as soon as possible. This is one of the best ways to build your own opt-in mailing list. Remember the secret is in your list. Your money is also in this list.

  7. Even if it takes weeks, sometimes months before you see results from search engines, you need to get your Web sites listed in all the major search engines and directories.


    • A common and welcomed activity among ezine publishers building their own opt-in list is ad swaps. Believe me, this really works if you do it consistently.

    • Get your salesmen in print in order. If you are not good at writing good sales copy or killer sales letters, get professional help. This is an important tool to close sales online. A good killer copy will get your visitors to buy your products or services immediately right from your Web site. This means faster return on your investment.

    • Another on-going activity would be for you to get your Web site, ezine, or e-books in as many of the respective directories as possible.

    Mind you, this is only a few of the activities that should help you stay focused. Remember, your consistent effort, multi-tasking and patience are the things that will see you through.

    A piece of advice: don't get disappointed if you don't see results immediately. Take it as your learning curve. It is not knowing everything about Internet marketing that will make you successful but doing what has to be done every day to build your online business that can at least guarantee success.

Patrick Ravi is an Online Entrepreneurship Consultant for the Asia Pacific Rim. He is also the creator of the well acclaimed new e-book "Internet Marketing Secrets on a Shoe String Budget." Get this e-book FREE by subscribing to his all revealing G-Ibiz Info news at http://formmail.to/ebook1 or for free resources visit his website at: [http://www.global-ibiz.com]

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Article Submitted On: November 20, 2000