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Top 7 On-Page Techniques To Increase Web Site Visitors

By Ron Skruzny

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Increasing the number of visitors to your website can be easy. There are a number of techniques including on-page, off-page, overall web site configuration, etc. This list is of the key 7 on-page techniques for improving visitor numbers and search engine responsiveness.

  1. Provide valuable content that will encourage visitors to become regular visitors and who may also invite others to come along as well, i.e. word of mouth referral. Good content is also search engine friendly as their algorithms increasingly focus on answering the question "can visitors find what they are after on this site?"

  2. Use the main web page at the top level rather than as a subsidiary of a main site. It tends to raise its importance.

  3. Use the main keyword in the <title> tag. This helps the search engines to work out what the site is about.

  4. Use <h1> header tags. The best outcome is by using your main keyword and very little else in the <h1> tag. This keeps telling the keyword what the page is about.

  5. Use <h2> and <h3> header tags for the secondary keywords. This helps to further refine the valuable information that you are providing to your visitors.

  6. Emphasise the keywords where appropriate without overdoing it. You can use bold, italics or underline.

  7. Where you have images, even if it is just your logo, use the <alt> image tag with your keyword included in it.

Ron Skruzny is the SEO expert at CriticalMass.biz and would be happy to respond to any queries.

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Article Submitted On: November 25, 2006