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Top 7 New Home Trends

By Joshua Ferris

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New homes are the top tier when it comes to home buying because they afford you the option to customize your home to your liking with upgrades and you get to be the first owner of the home. As the real estate market continues on its path to recovery there are many home builders who are now reconsidering what to include in a new home's standard features list.

Many of these newly included standard features previously served as pricey options so new home buyers today are getting the latest in creature comforts without the heavy price tag. Check out seven of the latest new home trends and keep this list handy as you browse new homes to see what's included in the builder's standard features list.

  1. Granite Countertops and Undermount Sinks in Kitchen and Baths

    This premier touch surface of high end homes can be seen on the standard features list of townhouses and other moderately priced properties nowadays. A secondary benefit to granite countertop surfaces is the undermount sink which means you won't have any sink edges rising up past the countertop creating a very clean, modern look.

  2. Living Room Evolution

    Living rooms used to serve as the crucial gathering room but today's homeowners tend to gather in the kitchen instead. If builders are using a floorplan that includes a living room you can expect it to offer features unseen in living rooms of the past like ethernet wall ports and home theater system niches to hide home theater hardware.

  3. Solid Wood Front Doors

    The cold steel front door is more frequently being swapped out with the vastly more attractive solid wood door. Solid wood doors come in many styles ranging from intricate glass detailed doors to solid wood doors reminiscent of those seen in craftsman home design.

  4. Hardwood Floors

    During the middle and late 20th century it was all the rage to have carpeting throughout your home because it was a softer walking surface and kept the floors warmer than hardwood and tile during the winter. Now that radiant floor heating and the demand for low maintenance flooring have become more common it's expected that hardwood floors will replace carpeting in high traffic areas like foyers, hallways and family rooms.

  5. Stone Exteriors and Accents

    Vinyl siding is very low maintenance and styling options have grown in recent years. Even so, full stone exteriors or stone accented exteriors are hot because they give a more substantial curb appeal to a home and help break up the monotony of some home designs.

  6. Solid Interior Doors

    An increasingly popular trend in new home design are solid interior doors. Solid interior doors are different because they create a stronger sound barrier between rooms and are more durable.

  7. Nine to Ten Foot First Floor Ceilings

    Feeling cramped inside a home is the number one reason homeowners opt to move up into a larger home. One way builders are countering this concern is to raise ceiling height by one to two feet bringing the total floor to ceiling distance to nine or ten feet. This creates a vastly more open space and the cost to builders is minimal.

Joshua Ferris is an associate real estate broker in Orange County NY and specializes in both Monroe New York and Newburgh New York real estate.

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Article Submitted On: December 24, 2008