Top 7 Negotiation Strategies

By Osama El-Kadi

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Interorganizational conflicts arise out of disagreements over ideological or resources and can occur among social groups, in business, and in politics. Conflicts among leaders and organisations are a significant challenge because the fates of so many others are affected by the outcome. Leaders must be careful in choosing the negotiating strategies that secure winning without damaging theirs or their opponent resources.

  1. Calculate a plan according o the five strategic fundamentals to asses probability of success. The Wat, The Timing, The leadership, The situation, The discipline. Depending on the outcome of your calculation for your company and the opponent you can decide whether to confront or not

  2. Formulate your strategy before you attack. An artful strategy act on the opponent mind rather than destroying him. It is best to attack the opponent strategy.

  3. Defend yourself. The opportunity of victory is always provided by the opponent. You do not create an opportunity, you only see it.

  4. Move your opponent here and there until he is perfectly positioned for defeat.

  5. Create illusion to obscure reality. Illusion cause the opponent to lose perspective and make mistakes

  6. Successful maneuvering would come through the mastery of direct and indirect tactics.

  7. Gain as much knowledge about yourself and your opponent.

Osama El-Kadi


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Article Submitted On: January 19, 2007