Top 7 Neglected Challenges of Business

By Arlene Evans

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“Innumerable Web sites and charts and graphs used in business are just mush to me,” said Jim Doane. Font colors and background colors make the reading impossible for Doane. He is one of the two in one hundred males (and rare females) who is severely affected by color vision deficiency (CVD) or colorblindness. He, like most people so affected, does see blue and yellow, so he is not “blind” to color.

  1. Don't assume that all your clients or potential clients can read the charts and grafts you use in business.

  2. When people say they are colorblind, remember there's a wide range of deficiency in color vision.

  3. Can the individual tell red from green? If not, that denotes a severe type of color vision deficiency.

  4. Although most people have red-green color vision deficiency, there are other rare types.

  5. People with colorblindness, or color vision deficiency, have various challenges in their lives.

  6. A common confusion in people with color vision deficiency is between blue and purple, because these people may not be able to see red, or see it weakly.

  7. A common confusion is between green and brown or tan, because these colors may look the same to some individuals.

A former school nurse, Arlene Evans became interested in CVD when she realized how common it is the challenges people face because of the condition. When she could find no literature for children or teens regarding this disorder, she wrote Seeing Color: Its My Rainbow, Too for children and Color is in the eye of the Beholder for teens and adults. Her website is: http://www.CVDbooks.com

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Article Submitted On: February 11, 2006