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Top 7 Money-Saving Tips When Using an Air Travel Finder

By Anthony Kristovich III

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An air travel finder can be the best tool you ever use, and with these top 7 money-saving tips you will get the best deals possible on you air travel:

  1. Make your reservation as early as possible. At least 14 days in advance, but aim for at least 21 days in advance. After this time, the air tickets can easily more than double in price.

  2. Be flexible with your travel time. Changing the day or the time of day can drastically reduce the price of your air travel. The best day to fly on is Wednesday, which is also the best day to book the flight on. The cheapest time to fly is early morning or late evening.

  3. Fly during the off-season. Prices are a direct result of supply and demand. As demand goes down, prices go down as well, benefiting flyers.

  4. Shop all the airlines. This is the most possible using a couple of key air travel finder companies that I recommend on my site. Being able to check all the airlines at the same time can get you the best deal.

  5. A stopover instead of a direct flight can result in huge savings.

  6. Membership in some clubs like AAA can get you discounts. With air travel prices at an all-time low this isn't as influential on the price as it is shopping between the airlines themselves. You get much better deals using an air travel finder to check prices of the different airlines against each other.

  7. Look into air travel packages. Purchasing your air travel, hotel, and rental car through the same place usually gives a huge discount. Using a bigger air travel finder will allow you to do all of this on the same website. I have recommendations for this on my site as well.

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Article Submitted On: March 01, 2006