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Top 7 Mind-Blowing Lighting Ideas for Home Decor

By Alan Cory

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The quality of lightings in the interior lends a finishing touch to the décor of a home. It is through lighting that you can alter the ambience within a room. However, lighting design tends to vary from one room to another. Lighting designs evolve and change with decor & technological trends. People have started adapting to the use of new types of lighting fixtures in their homes. Here are some of the top lighting trends to watch out for this spring: -

  1. Soft Gold Is a Highly Popular Choice
    Soft colours have gained popularity in recent times. Soft gold is one of those colours which matches well with contemporary decors. Its hue falls somewhere between brushed gold and brushed silver. The soft matte of lighting fixtures of this colour has a warm, mellow golden shade which goes well with any type of decor.

    The LED lights available online have different designs and shapes. If you intend to use overhead lights, then you should opt for lightings which highlight gold. Look for lighting which match well with soft gold. Doing so will help you to draw attention to certain areas of the living room.

  2. Emphasis Should Be on Minimal Clutter
    Excessive embellishment is losing its relevance in modern décor these days. The focus is on cleaner arrangements, be it in the kitchen or bedroom. If your home has a contemporary ambience and décor, complex designs may not match well. The use of more simple, neater lighting designs can in a great way gel well with your decor.

  3. Use of LED Lights is Wiser
    Incandescent bulbs lead to large scale wastage of energy through the creation of heat. To cope up with high energy bills during the festive season, you can consider using LED decorative lights for illuminating your home. They have a higher level of energy efficiency which will help you to cut down on your energy bills. The newer range of decorative lightings available in the market have a unique range of styles, brightness and colours. You can opt for the fixtures which match up with the decor of your home.

  4. Big is Beautiful
    There are certain areas of the house where bigger decorative lighting fixtures look more beautiful. If you intend to make eye balls of visitors rolling, then you can use these fixtures as centrepieces. Large pendant fixtures can be used across different parts of the house such as kitchen island, dining table etc. But you need to very careful with the process of installation. They should be installed in the centre of the ceiling.

  5. Ensure That It Matches Well With Your Style
    Avoid opting for a lighting style just for the sake of it. The ideal lighting design is the one which highlights the best features of your room’s decor. To have a clear idea of the lighting design which would fit your needs, you can have a look at trending patterns of decorative lights for interior illumination. The use of table lamps for task lighting will help in creating a warm ambience in your living room.

  6. Usage of Mirrored Wall Sconces in Bathrooms
    The usage of glitzy mirror sconces is ideal for adding a feminine touch to your bathroom. They also ensure the presence of high quality cross lighting with little glare. This is one of the ideal ways to ensure the presence of a classy design within your bathroom.

  7. Pendant Lights in Kitchens
    Till a few days ago, small and slim pendants were highly popular within kitchens. But the use of large pendant lights has become common these days. Its bold look has found a lot of takers among home based users at present.

The author is a keen follower of contemporary decorative lighting trends. He follows the emerging trends in LED lightings online closely and writes on emerging trends on the same.

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Article Submitted On: March 04, 2017