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Top 7 Metaphors For Your Business And Personal Life

By Dan Knapp

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Which of the below metaphors best describes you?

  1. You are a wise hunter who knows the forest. You understand the game in the forest and the hunted's habits. You know the danger areas and the best locations in which to wait and allow the prey to come to you.

  2. You are a genie who satisfies impossible wants. You understand what your client wants and will stop at nothing to find a way to satisfy his/her desires.

  3. You are a haunting spirit to your clients. You know so much more about your clients' needs than they know about their own needs. You anticipate their desires and quickly satisfy them. Their unspoken wish is your command.

  4. You are a sleek sports car. A finely-tuned driving machine, much admired and performing feats only dreamed of by other drivers. You keep yourself tuned and lubricated, gassed and ready for the next adventure.

  5. You are a space shuttle. Powered by mighty thrusters and programmed for success. Once your gyros spin up, you complete your task with efficiency and precision.

  6. You are a mighty river carving your own path in the barren world. The world will know from your path that you were there. At the same time you provide a home for life and deliver moisture for all those on the banks you pass.

  7. You are a chess grandmaster. Planning your strategy far in advance yet making the very best next move. You never give up until you deliver checkmate.

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Article Submitted On: May 22, 2000