Top 7 Marketing Strategies of "The Trilogy of 7"

By Dan Lightfritz

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EDITORS NOTE: This is the first part of a three-part series on the Trilogy of 7, submitted to us by Dan Lightfritz. The three part series covers marketing, sales and service strategies. Click on Dan's name above to see the other articles in this series.

The most powerful tool for success in sales is to implement "The Trilogy Of 7". Marketing, Sales, Service is the trilogy that will help you create success in sales. This trilogy has 7 strategies underlying each one. These 7 strategies are a vital component to the success of any salesperson. Learn these 7 strategies, master these 7 strategies, and commit these 7 strategies to memory. "The Trilogy Of 7" will provide the skill, you provide the effort and the end result will be unbelievable sales productivity. ironically, seven multiplied by three equals twenty-one. It takes twenty-one days to create a habit. by implementing the "trilogy of 7" for twenty-one days, a powerful yet effective and efficient habit will be created, thus paving your way to becoming a dynamic, successful salesperson. Today, the Top 7 Strategies underlying marketing.

  1. Referrals: Referrals are your #1 internal marketing vehicle that you will use daily. All you have to do is ask! By asking for referrals, you will be helping others learn about your company and how your services can help them achieve all of their needs. You must develop a referral system, offer incentives and stick to it.

  2. The Telephone: One of the principle marketing tools you will use daily is the telephone. Proper telephone usage commands top priority because it is the first step you take in making a friend of a potential new sale. Every highly successful salesperson has mastered the correct telephone procedure.

  3. Cold Calls: Cold calls are your #2 internal marketing vehicle that you will use daily. Cold calling provides excellent results. Everyday, vast numbers of people make the decision to use products, yet they are not aware of all the benefits your organization has to provide to them. You do not know who these individuals are until you contact them. Your energy and enthusiasm are vital when making cold calls. You will motivate them to take that next step towards becoming one of your valued customers by obtaining a solid appointment to learn about their needs. When you sit down to complete your cold calling, make sure you have a plan of action or system to make you successful. Remember: NO SYSTEM, NO SUCCESS!!! Plan to provide a variety of calls including cold calls, referral calls, service calls and people who need to be rescheduled or called back.

  4. Lead Management System (LMS): Leads are the NAMES of prospective customers received or generated by your internal or external marketing. Internal marketing efforts, referrals and cold calls result in outgoing calls to generate leads. Your external marketing efforts, ads and walk-ins result in incoming calls. Highly successful salespeople have developed a LMS that is both efficient and effective. A LMS helps you achieve better time management skills and will ultimately increase the most important goal of sales: Production. A simple example may be to create a tickler file that alphabetically organizes all the leads you generate or possibly create a spreadsheet that will store your leads on your PC. Whatever the system is that you develop, it must be developed immediately.

  5. Concentrated Territory Penetration: Highly successful salespeople penetrate a particular area or territory efficiently and effectively, leaving no stone unturned. (EXAMPLE) The rule of five applies: If a salesperson has an established account, the five businesses on each side of his/her current customer and the five businesses across the street are contacted and introduced to your company. You must always have a pipeline of potential leads…always! By developing a concentrated territory penetration program, you will have created a vehicle that delivers a tremendous amount leads, thus ultimately producing more and more sales.

  6. Initial Contact: When a highly successful salesperson is out marketing themselves, whether it is at a networking function or cold canvassing their territory, they are dressed for success. The old saying truly applies, you never get a second chance to make a first impression! Look, walk and talk like you are the most successful person in your company and industry. This will create a sense of confidence and create such an inner strength, that when you come in contact with individuals or businesses, they will have such a lasting impression of you, they will enjoy using or purchasing your services. In sales, no matter what product or service your are selling, your potential customer must like you and trust you, then they will buy from you. By looking like a million bucks, you'll make a million bucks.

  7. Follow-Up: Thorough follow-up is essential in a highly successful salesperson's career. Here is a question for you: What is the difference between a wise person and a fool? The answer, they both face challenges, they both make the same mistakes, but the wise persons LEARNS from their mistakes. So if you are utilizing a particular marketing vehicle and it is not working, don't keep using it! Change it. Constantly revisit your marketing strategies and make sure that there are no mistakes being made.

Dan Lightfritz, Licensed Mortgage Broker/Lender located in Winter Park, Florida. Dan is a highly successful business executive with almost 20 years of experience. As a professional model, business owner and national trainer, the marketing, sales, and services strategies that he can empower you with will help you become extremely successful! He is available for training and developmental seminars. Email address , or phone 407-902-9960 or (888)301-4663

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Article Submitted On: September 15, 1999