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Top 7 List of Basics That Never Change

By Dan Knapp, MBA

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Are you looking for a new "silver-bullet" that will change your life and improve your business? Good luck... No one is out here developing new "basics." Until you master the basics you really don't need new wrinkles. Of course, it does help to see the same basics presented in different ways.

Here are the Top 7 + 1 basics that never change.

  1. Understand exactly what you are all about. The rapid pace of technology change presents unlimited opportunities to you. Yet you begin to think that the technology pace is your life pace. It's not. Technology serves you, not the other way around. No person can take advantage of all the opportunities in life. Select a couple areas to master. When you set all other areas aside, you experience a great sense of freedom to become good at something.

  2. Parcel your time and guard your boundaries. Commit specific hours to areas of your life such as work, family, education, fitness, etc. Organize your day to allow your desired time for each of these activities. Do not allow one area to infringe into the other area's time.

  3. Develop a personal support network. You need the "master-mind" to help with your growth. Add mentors, coaches and role models who can provide needed expertise. No one can make it on his own. Even if you could make it on your own, why should you when help is available to simplify the path?

  4. Find ways to communicate with your spiritual self. Techniques such as prayer, meditation, contemplation, quiet time or simply keeping a thoughtful journal allow your inner self to speak to your conscious mind. Your body enjoys pleasure. Your mind enjoys experiences. Your values come from your spiritual side. How do you let it express itself?

  5. Think "people, not tasks." All tasks contain a people part. Think about the people involved and not the task itself. People change, tasks remain static. The people-change can create new tasks and make old tasks obsolete. Sometimes you miss the subtle change. When you watch the people, you see the change.

  6. Have a learning project. I like Jim Rohn's approach to learning. Have a project that lasts a season. In 90 days you can learn a lot about one subject. Focus your learning into areas that support who you are.

  7. Be good to your "self." Treat your body, mind and spirit with respect. Do things for your self. Some people put themselves at the lowest priority level. They never seem to get around to meeting their own needs. They build a resentment to others and to themselves.


    • Keep your own council. As with this list, you will find people willing to tell you how to lead your life. Most advice is given with pristine intent, but givers have their own agenda. (My agenda attract you to my services!) You must determine, for yourself, if advice makes sense to you; and you don't have to explain to anyone why you agree or disagree. Many times you may not know why you agree or disagree.

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Article Submitted On: October 18, 1999