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Top 7 Lead Generation Tips

By Drew Stevens PhD

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The year has gotten off to a fast start and many sales managers and sales representatives are trying to get a jump on the year to offset losses from recessionary woes. Since the beginning of the year, my email has become inundated with questions about lead generation and cold calling techniques. Selling professionals are hitting stonewalls and getting nowhere.

The art of cold calling is serious business. Cold Calling requires patience, persistence and professionalism. The trick is to remain constantly positive and vigilant. More important, you must remember that cold calling is meant to generate leads… not business! Too many of you reading this believe that when you cold call you are to sell something, this is far from the truth. Whether stocks, insurance or any other product the concept behind cold calling is to generate a prospective lead that results in another appointment.

I want to give you some tips on generating leads and cold calling in this article. However, I want to get you in the proper framework so that before you pick up the telephone you remember the proper cold calling techniques. The comedian Jeff Foxworthy uses a moniker with every joke that states, “You might be a redneck if”. Before you read each of the ten tips say to yourself, “You might be a cold calling nuisance if…"

  1. You pick up the telephone and have no idea who you are calling.

    Someone called me recently and asked for the proprietor. Know whom you are calling.

  2. After hello you begin with chitchat.

    Speak with conviction and have a purpose for every call.

  3. You call and have conversations with gatekeepers.

    Call only decision makers. Stop wasting time with gatekeepers that are paid to detain you. Research the person you want to reach before you pick up the phone.

  4. You do not know anything about the business or industry you call.

    I had a gentleman call me this morning to sell me a copier without an iota of knowledge of my business. Imagine the shock when he discovered I was a sales trainer.

  5. Start your call with information about your company.

    Begin your call with a purpose and a value proposition. If you cannot articulate the value to the recipient do not make the call.

  6. Begin your calls with inane questions.

    Questions such as “How you doin’” is for Joey Tribiani from the series Friends. Unless you desire a data dump comparable of being in a therapist office, stop. If you want conversation then speak articulately.

  7. Operate each call without a clear purpose.

    Use a checklist for each call and have a path. A call should have a beginning, middle and an end.

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Article Submitted On: January 14, 2009