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Top 7 Keys to Building a Strong Foundation for Extraordinary Leadership

By Jennifer Mounce

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Extraordinary leadership is usually more than just natural talent. Often the leaders have a desire for learning and development. They have a heightened level of self-awareness. Here are 7 key foundation points for building your extraordinary leadership:

  1. Be Willing to Learn.

    * Keep an open mind. When you do, you will find yourself learning from the most unsuspecting.

  2. Know Yourself Well.

    * Do not fear looking into a mirror. Allow the feedback of others to penetrate.

  3. Understand Your Values.

    * Identify, create, and define values that are authentic to you.

  4. Have a Vision.

    * Use your vision to paint a vivid picture of your aspirations.

  5. Set Goals.

    * Create the bar, set it high and set it even higher once you've cleared it with ease.

  6. Attend to Today.

    * Pay more attention to what is going on in the present than what happened yesterday or what may or may not happen tomorrow.

  7. Honor Yourself.

    * If you don't honor and respect yourself, why should anyone else?

Jennifer Mounce

Source: https://Top7Business.com/?expert=Jennifer_Mounce

Article Submitted On: February 22, 2009