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Top 7 Jobs to Make a Quick Career Change

By Elena Hepburn

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There are plenty of reasons why one would want to change careers: from constant pressure at work to being stuck at low-key jobs. There is also a good many of reasons not to go through this change: from being tied with mortgage payments to being insecure of your strengths as an employee. The risk is big indeed, thatís why a future job candidate should think carefully before making this change, weigh out all the pros and cons and assess his skills.

These are the 7 alternative jobs that will allow making career switch less painful and more successful.

  1. Wellness Coach
    The Wellcoaches.com is offering this job for people want to get rid of bad habits and know how to get the others straight. No formal degree is required for this position. You must have good skills of self-management and communication to coach others as they learn how to eat healthily, do more exercises and release stress. You can start off doing it part-time and acquiring the practice needed before you can actually work with the clients. The pay is up 50$ per hour.

  2. Prospect Researcher
    If you have strong socials skills and you can establish positive contacts with people, this is the job for you. If you have participated in some organizationsí work in the past, you are likely to find connections with wealthy prospects while delivering information about their preferences and hobbies. The salary is from 30 000$ for newcomers working part-time up to 80 000$ for professionals.

  3. IT Specialist
    IT guys who can solve problems with computers are required everywhere where there arenít many computer savvy people. Perhaps you have failed to find a good position in your area of expertise, but you always knew how to install definite software and how to make the most of the technology. The associateís degree in information technology is what you need to work in a companyís IT department. The salary in this area ranges from 40 000$ for beginners to 70 000$ professional IT technicians.

  4. Social Media Manager
    Those people who already spent half a day on social media can make a career out of it. The task is to post content that will attract the customers and promote brand awareness. There is plenty of work because your area of coverage includes creating active profiles on such social media platforms as Facebook or Twitter. A refreshing course on your communications skills, keeping up to speed with the latest technologies and innovations will do the trick. Doing research on marketing techniques is advisable as well. The salary varies widely.

  5. Business Management
    If you, like most of the people, think that business is where all the money is, you are free to try your hand in this field. This field applies to the second careers searches with a variety of careers available, including human resources, computer systems, and owning your business. Companies who look for successful business managers are happy to offer an entry-level management position with a hands-on-training in business law. The salary will rise from $36,317 to $104,096 on average as you master the skills.

  6. Solar-Energy System Installer
    The position is one of the green-collar jobs known for their environmental inclusivity. You can either be a good mechanic or just concerned about the wellness of the planet to apply for the job. As more and more people are going green and decide to change to solar energy for their houses, the specialists in this field are appreciated. From an ordinary installer to a supervisor you salary will run from 12$ to 20$ an hour. Learning the craft isnít a problem since North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners provides training and certification.

  7. Patient Advocate
    Patient advocate creates a bridge between a patient and the system. If you have once helped a relative go through his experience in the hospital, you have acquired the skills needed. It is essential to understand the work of hospitals and insurers to help patients with the paperwork. Whether you work for a company or was hired by a client, you might earn up to 70 000$ in perspective.

Elena Hepburn, an enthusiastic blogger and content manager of https://resumewritinglab.com

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Article Submitted On: November 11, 2017