Top 7 Internet Marketing Mistakes

By Robert Caprice

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  1. You don't accept credit cards!

    If you want to do business in the nineties and beyond, you have to accept credit cards. If you aren't accepting credit cards, many of your prospects will see your business as a very small time operation. Getting a merchant account has now become a lot easier. Even people with bad credit or no credit are now able to get merchant status for their business.

  2. You don't have secure online ordering pages!

    Someone comes to your website, they're excited about your products, they are ready to order....but you tell them to send an order by the mail! There is no worse way to lose a sale than this.

  3. You don't have your own domain name!

    This is a real bush league mistake. Having your own domain name gives your business it's own identity. Additionally, if you ever decide to change hosts, your domain comes with you. If you change hosts with one of those free server deals, your online traffic stays behind. You are essentially starting over. Then again, people are very unlikely to do business with someone on a free server. Get your domain name now!

  4. You have a confusing website!

    Many webmasters have too many products online.They have too many pictures and too many links. You must learn that simplicity is the key in Internet marketing. It would be much better to focus on one or two main products, and then use your other products to 'backend' your prospects.

  5. You don't follow-up on your prospects!

    The fortune in marketing is in the follow-up. If you don't follow-up on your prospects you will be missing out on the majority of your sales. It's critical to get the email addresses of your visitors. There is a new type of autoresponder that automatically sends follow up emails for you. This revolutionary marketing tool can be found at http://www.aweber.com.

  6. You don't have your own email newsletter (ezine)!

    If you don't have your own online newsletter, you are missing out on dozens of marketing opportunities. Most people don't pursue this because they are afraid to write. This is nonsense. There are hundreds of free writing resources and articles you can find on the NET. You'll find it easy to find content for your publication.

  7. You don't have your own lead product!

    Being an affiliate or reseller of other people's products can be lucrative, but it is not recommended for your primary product. You need to develop your own products. You can then use affiliate programs as secondary or backend products. You see, if you own your own product, you can make the maximum profit from every sale. You can set up your own dealer networks (highly lucrative). You are in charge!

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Article Submitted On: November 12, 1998