Top 7 Instructions For Creating Your First Personal & Business Dream Board

By Maria Marsala

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Have you ever heard of "Dream Boards" or "Treasure Maps?" They are a visual picture of the dreams you have for your life and assist you to turn those dreams into reality! Here is my take on them:

  1. Purchase a large piece of paper, such as "oak tag" or "poster board" in whatever color you'd like! Also, find four thumb tacks, glue or scotch tape. You now have the start of your Dream Board.

  2. In the center of your board, put a picture of you that you really enjoy viewing.

  3. Whatever your dreams, goals, etc., start cutting out pictures to paste on your board. Or draw the pictures. Can't draw perfectly? Draw it anyway! (If I can, you can.)

  4. What are some of your dreams? Remember to include all areas of your life on your board...Career/Business, Relationships (self-others), Money, Recreation/Play, Healthy/Well Being. Get specific...real specific and descriptive! Go for it!! Enjoy it!! Have fun with it!!

  5. Tack it on the wall. As your dreams continue to grow, keep adding to it.

  6. Make it be the last thing you look at before you go to sleep.

  7. Spend a few moments in front of it before you start your day!

    Special thanks to Edie Peirera-Hulbert for teaching me the concept of Dream Boards, and to Susan Ban Breathnach and the 4T Prosperity Program.

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Article Submitted On: October 20, 2000