Top 7 Indications of a Smart and Captivating Beauty Salon Concept

By Belinda Meyer

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A concept is something new and different. A concept captures attention. You have to figure out what matters to your clients, what do they really care about, what will they pay money for, what kind of results are they expecting? And what doesnít actually matter to them? Ideas can come from anywhere and take us in unexpected directions.

  1. It sounds uncomplicated.

    It makes sense that this will work for me. A distinct idea is defined as one which contains nothing which is not clear.

  2. It connects with your Clients.

    You can have the greatest idea, but if you canít sell it, you wonít get very far. The concept must have reasons why someone should buy. It has benefits and a promise. The concept is attractive and appealing.

  3. Improves the clients life

    Thinner, younger, less pigmentation, clears acne, makes client feel good or more attractive.

  4. The price is perceived as value for money.

    Value can be added by going beyond the standard expectations and providing something "more" while adding little or no extra cost. For example when you offer a guarantee, a client perceives this as valuable. The client knows they wonít waste money. If it doesnít work they simply ask for their money back.

  5. You are Passionate about your Concept.

    It is aligned with your beliefs, feelings, emotion and character.

  6. The concept gets clients looking towards the future.

    And, more specifically, towards a future that includes you and your beauty techniques and services. They can picture themselves with a better figure, less wrinkles or smoother skin.

  7. Magical.

    There is a shining message, a promise which will fulfil a desire. The desire and hope may be for self-improvement, desire for admiration or desire to fulfil a challenge or offer an easy and convenient solution.

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Article Submitted On: January 09, 2011