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Top 7 Incentives for New Home Buyers

By Joshua Ferris

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Buying a new home isn't as easy as it once was given the state of the economy but there are still excellent deals to be had if you are financially ready to buy a new home. New home builders use a number of incentives to entice you to purchase a home in their community including some significant discounts for select workforces. Read on to see seven great ways to get an amazing deal on a new construction home.

  1. Included "Bonuses" in Price

    For many city dwellers it can be a daunting thought of moving to the suburbs. One of the biggest concerns is commuting to and from work in the nearest major city. Some builders are now offering a free vehicle lease for as long as 24 months to help you ease into suburban life with a new set of wheels. Other bonuses include free home theater systems, LCD tvs and more.

  2. Slashed Pricing on Move In Ready Homes

    Depending on your moving situation, this is the golden egg of builder incentives. New home builders build "spec" homes, also known as move in ready homes, to cater to home buyers who are looking for a home to move into right away. If you are able to move right away you can get a great deal on move in ready homes.

    Once these homes are finished the builder won't want to sit on a large inventory of homes so they will offer spec homes with predetermined upgrades included at a lower asking price than if you were to build the home from scratch and add those upgrades.

  3. Armed Forces or Civil Workforce Discount

    Many home builders, especially larger builders, offer discounted home pricing to people who serve in the military or buyers who work in civil service fields like medical, police, fire and government.

  4. Builder Financing Incentives

    National home builders tend to have their own private financing company that they prefer to do business with as it streamlines their work flow and makes the home sale easier for the builder. To help you decide to use their preferred lender builders offer appliance packages, upgraded flooring and other incentives for using their lender.

  5. Upgraded Included in the Price of the Home

    Builders have a standard features list that they use to build all of their base models but now builders are including popular upgrades like granite countertops in the asking price of their homes.

  6. Less Expensive Options

    The average home buyer spends about 10% of their total home sale price on upgrades for their new home. To encourage the purchase of more upgrades builders have lowered the cost on many of their upgrade packages. For example, you may find hardwood flooring in the kitchen costs significantly less than it did a few years ago. There are also more options per upgrade category to choose from.

  7. Reduced Lot Premiums

    Builders know home buyers will pay a premium for their most desirable lots whether its because they have an ocean or mountain view, private tree-lined backyard or more level terrain. To sell more homes numerous home builders have reduced the premiums on the most desirable locations in a community.

Joshua Ferris is an associate real estate broker in Orange County NY and specializes in both Monroe New York and Newburgh New York real estate. Learn more about Orange County by visiting Josh's Monroe New York real estate guide.

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Article Submitted On: December 11, 2008