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Top 7 Ideas for Avoiding On-Going Problems in a Team-Based Group or Workplace

By Dianne Loy Ferri

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Every seasoned team leader, manager, alliance facilitator, and business owner has seen it. People with honest motivations and the desire to make a difference come together to achieve something of value and...

People who want to get things accomplished collide with people who enjoy process and careful planning. People with abrupt and up-front ways of handling information collide with people who desire respect and tact. People with passionate and emotional responses to daily activities collide with people who detest "messy" and emotional encounters. Why does everyone have to take things so personal? Because, some people do.

Here are 7 ideas for avoiding on-going problems like these in a team-based group or workplace:

  1. Collectively identify behaviors and attitudes that minimize conflict and maximize effectiveness Decide what course of action to take if team members forget or refuse to observe your group's relational and operational guidelines. No one likes to see a team go off track. Make sure you have a plan in case it does.

  2. Observe group relationships and communications for deterioration and take appropriate steps to improve them You can handle this one-on-one with team members or approach the subject within the group. Most people do not like conflict, however, misunderstandings need to be addressed.

  3. Respond to and correct backsliding behavior by team members. Use appropriate feedback and conflict resolution strategies Procedural conflict and goal frustrations will cause team problems. People will resort to their own way of handling conflict. Some will become combative, others will give in and resent it, and a few will avoid or undermine your effort. Correcting these behaviors is absolutely necessary to keep your team on track.

  4. Stimulate change when opportunity for improvement exists Continually look for ways to improve your process. Debrief the goals you accomplish and look to your own group's wisdom for improvement.

  5. Facilitate group venting. Redirect issues into positive solutions. Emotionally manage your groups feeling of success and disappointment. Failure to do will destroy your team from the inside out.

  6. Plan for team expansion; Decide how you will educate and involve new members because team membership rises and falls. Create a process for translating your team culture to new team members and continually look for ways to refresh your membership.

  7. Take time to celebrate Getting a project completed is only one side of a team effort. Building morale and enthusiasm for the effort along the way is essential for quality, accountability, and for building trust. True collaborative efforts balance work and people issues when team leaders pay keen attention to team member perceptions of fairness, worth and value for team member efforts, and fun.

Dianne Loy Ferri, founder of TIGERS Success Series and editor of TIGERStripes, a leadership and group process development ezine which features helpful tips, techniques, and strategies for team leaders, consultants, and team-based managers.

Visit her site at http//www.corevalues.com or email to request a current copy of TIGERStripes

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Article Submitted On: October 15, 1999