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Top 7 Ideas For Your Home Based Business

By Michael Laleye

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Using this tips in your business will allow you to keep the profits coming in no matter how slow the economy.

  1. Sell more back end products to your existing
    customer base. You already created rapport, trust
    and proved your credibility to them.

  2. Make it a practice to up sell to new and existing
    customers. After they decide to buy one product,
    offer them another product.

  3. Cross promote your products and services with
    other businesses that aren't competition. You will
    reach a wider audience at less cost.

  4. Create joint venture deals with other businesses.
    You can expand your product line and target other
    profitable markets at a lower cost.

  5. Start an affiliate program for your business. You
    will be able to spend less profits on risk advertising
    and spend more money on guaranteed sales.

  6. Trade advertising with other businesses to save
    revenue. You could trade e-zine ads, banners ads,
    links, print ads, etc.

  7. Out source part of your workload. This can save
    on employee costs, equipment costs, taxation costs,
    expansion costs, etc.

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Article Submitted On: September 29, 2007