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Top 7 Ideas For Email Advertising Success

By John Heard

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  1. Always personalize.. It's much better to receive an email addressed specifically to you than "Dear Friend" or "Dear Customer".

  2. Identify the relationship that you have with the recipient early on. If you are sending to say.. your customer list, it's important to answer the recipients first question "How did they get my name?". A good example would be "Hi Chris, Recently you downloaded a free copy of our new demo..." This knocks down that invisible barrier and answers the question right away.

  3. You must make sure that the recipient will benefit from what you are sending them or you will receive complaints. Be 'benefit' oriented.

  4. Include a way to remove the recipient from your list and honor it. Include your full contact information in every promotion. If possible, have this removal/signup process available on a web site form that gives them confirmation that they were removed.

  5. Test, Test, Test. When working on a new email campaign, test different offers to find the one that generates the most interest. Have each version respond to a separate email address or web site so you can gauge the response and identify the copy that pulls.

  6. No dead ends. Make sure and give the recipient a way to find out more about the topic of your email or actually place an order quickly. Every step you place between your desired end result and the prospect/customer slows down the process and causes them to lose interest. For example, don't tell them about your latest and greatest widget, then send them to your website home page where they have to look for a link to the product. Send them directly to the order or product information page.

  7. Check for duplicate addresses. No one likes getting multiple copies of the same email.

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Article Submitted On: September 18, 1998