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Top 7 Ideas For Dealing With Difficult Employees

By Martien Eerhart

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  1. Try something NEW. If it did not work in the past, it makes no sense to keep trying it, and expecting different results.

  2. Expect a positive outcome, no matter what the history has been. Our expectations shape our non-verbal communications, which in turn determine the outcome.

  3. Ask questions instead of explaining it over and over and over again.

  4. Set them up for success: Ask them to do something quick & simple. Then praise them for doing what you asked them to do.

  5. Label them positively by telling people about an example of a positive (desired) response they gave.

  6. People do not like changes, unless they suggest it. Ask the difficult employee what (s)he can do to solve the problem.

  7. BE CLEAR: don't expect people to read your mind. Tell them what you expect from them. It works better if you tell them: "I want a 4-page report by Friday," instead of "why don't you jot something down."

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Article Submitted On: May 04, 1999