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Top 7 Home Staging Secrets of the Pros

By Joshua Ferris

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With inventory piling up and home buyers now faced with multiple home choices in the same neighborhood, the first impression your home makes is more important than ever.

It's no longer acceptable to pass off unfinished projects to home buyers in hopes that the buyers will overlook the flaws in favor of your home's more positive characteristics. Today's home buyers care about two things: location and price.

To offset tough competition and make home buyers fall in love with your home, check out the top seven home staging secrets of the pros:

  1. How are your floors? -

    The very first thing every home buyer will do is watch their step as they enter the doorway of your home. If you have dingy, wet dog looking carpet or severely worn hardwood floors you should replace your carpet/refinish the floors before putting your home on the market. You will easily reap the benefits of new flooring with fewer days on the market and possibly receiving an offer closer to asking price.

  2. When you have less than three bedrooms do NOT convert one of the bedrooms into a home office. -

    Although home offices are easier to set up and the smaller furniture will complement a narrower room, bedroom space is at a premium in two bedroom or less abodes. Instead, use a day bed to show off the flexibility of the space while still showcasing it as a bedroom.

  3. Share your views with the world! -

    Overlooking a river, park or private garden is a tremendous asset for any home seller. When staging your home for sale, move large objects away from the windows and keep window treatments to a minimum. A stunning panoramic view can win over even the biggest home buying critic.

  4. Don't interrupt the flow of the room. -

    Ninety-degree angles are great in math but square edges create visual interrupters that catch the eye as buyers navigate the flow of a room. When possible, use round tables to create a visible, circular flow throughout the room.

  5. Use rugs to anchor furniture. -

    Especially popular in dining rooms, stagers love to use rugs underneath dining room furniture to anchor the furniture to the space.

  6. Soften hard furniture edges using pillows and/or blankets. -

    Square edged furniture can look very substantial and executive, evoking the styling of a boutique hotel room. Be sure to try different styles of pillows and blankets to soften the edges of the furniture and make the room more inviting.

  7. Clearly define each room's purpose. -

    Multi-tasking has become a part of everyday life for most of us and we tend to apply this characteristic to our homes. Clearly define each space so home buyers don't have to think about how a room will be used and possibly lower their offer price to compensate for missing rooms.

Joshua Ferris specializes in Orange County New York real estate including new home communities and townhouses. Learn more about Orange County by visiting Josh's Monroe New York real estate guide and Orange County NY Real Estate search.

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Article Submitted On: September 07, 2008