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Top 7 Home Business Ideas

By Nikita Phillips

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If you have some spare time, why not start a home based business and earn some cool cash? With the increased cost of living, food and fuel prices skyrocketing, I am sure you could do with some extra money on the side.

Here's a few hot home business ideas to get you going:

  1. Mail Order Business -

    A mail order business is still by far the easiest to start up and operate from home. Find a good product, run test adverts in relevant publications and assess how well it does. Then concentrate on the publications that offer you good returns. In mail order, payment is received first from the customer and then the order is dispatched by post to the customer. In this way you don't need excessive amounts of money or risk to outlay on stock.

  2. Internet Business -

    There are countless of businesses you can operate on the web. These range from e-commerce sites where you offer a product or service to niche content sites and blogs where you can make money from Adsense or by selling ad space to other sites. Partaking in an affiliate program and promoting a great product is also recommended.

  3. Paper Recycling -

    If you have a van or a vehicle with a trailer and some spare space at home, then you could collect old paper and cardboard and sell them to recycling plants in your area. There is a lot of hard work involved but if you have the time and are prepared to give it your best, then this opportunity could be quite profitable for you.

  4. Publish A Small Community Newspaper -

    If you have a flair for writing, then you should consider publishing a small community newspaper. You will distribute the newspapers for free in your area. You will make money by accepting paid ads into your newspaper from businesses in that specific area.

  5. Garage Sale Organizer -

    You can help people get rid of their junk by providing a garage sale service for them. You will take charge of setting up, promoting and organizing the sale for a commission of the total items sold.

  6. Writing How To Reports -

    If you are skillful in a certain niche, you can put your knowledge down on paper and market them to interested customers. The public have an insatiable appetite for How To Reports in almost any topic. You can market these reports on the internet or through conventional mail order techniques.

  7. Telephone Answering Service -

    If you are home bound continuously, then this opportunity might be just right for you. Many small businesses are merely one man operations, for example a plumber or electrician. It is impossible for them to handle telephone calls and perform their trade at the same time. You could set up a telephone answering service from your home for these type of customers. You can perform these functions for a couple of businesses at the same time.

Nikita Phillips has been running a home business for over eight years. She also operates [http://www.toknowmore.net] and http://www.super-clix.com

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Article Submitted On: July 23, 2008