Top 7 High Readership Content Ideas

By Larry Dotson

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  1. How-To Articles: they include detailed, step-by-step instructions. Examples: how to publish your ezine, how to promote your business, how to attract visitors to your Web site.

  2. Tips: they are usually small pieces of information about the size of a paragraph. Examples: tips on using a product, tips on doing your taxes.

  3. Top Lists: they are a group of tips listed in order, usually numbered from first to last. Examples: Top 7 ways to get to the top of search engines, Top 10 ways to market your product.

  4. News Articles: they can include news about your industry or company information. Examples: joint ventures, new product releases, special events, overseas activity.

  5. Interview Articles: they could include interviews from customers, employees and experts. Examples: interview an employee that won an award, an expert related to your industry, a satisfied customer, people profiles.

  6. Technology Content: they are new technologies you can use to present your content. Examples: audio clips, streaming video, MP3 files.

  7. Entertaining Content: they include humorous and off-beat information. Examples: contests, quizzes, trivia, puzzles, games, cartoons.

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Article Submitted On: May 02, 2000