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Top 7 Hidden Buyer Questions

By Colly Graham

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Do you need to build a telesales script or a sales presentation? Here is an easy-to-follow plan to build your script or presentaion; take time to answer the following hidden buyer questions. I call them the hidden buyer questions because these are the questions your prospective customers may not ask but need answered to help your prospect make a positive decision.

Seven Hidden Buyer Questions:

  1. Why should I take your call?

  2. Why should I take time to listen to you?

  3. What’s my problem?

  4. What benefits have you to offer my business?

  5. How will you support these benefits?

  6. Why should I make a decision to proceed?

  7. Why should I proceed today?


    • Why should I trust you?

    • Why should I trust your company?

    Write out your answers to these buyer questions. You will discover it will keep your presentation focused and on track.

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