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Top 7 Heavy Hitter Ways To Earn Residual Income

By Maleche Stewart

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There are many ways to earning a residual income. However, there are 7 proven ways to earn it. (Do this, and watch your income sky-rocket)

  1. Get to know your website

    Getting to know your website will help you beneficially. You must know what you are promoting, selling, and/or advertising. Knowing your website will increase your profits infinitely.

  2. Give visitors a free subscription to your E-zine (newsletter)

    Allowing visitors to subscribe to your newsletter for free will up your sales and/or increase your profits. This gives prospects the visualization of how easy and understanding it will be to earn residual income. You could offer your visitors free bonuses.

  3. Get yourself locked into forums

    Forums are chat rooms. Getting into forums will allow you to communicate with others. This gives people the opportunity to discuss with, and help others about the online business. You could also gain subscribers here.

  4. Write your own articles

    By writing your own articles, you are allowing others to grasp the opportunity you went through that made you successful. In other words you are sharing the wealth.

  5. Advertise your business

    Free advertising works. This will allow you to save money and get unique hits to your website. You could also, if you want, advertise your business on paid advertising sites depending on your financial status.

  6. Build your own subscriber opt-in list by getting an autoresponder on your website.

    This is a proven way to generate sales online.

  7. Get even more visitors to your website by adding a links page.

    It is always best to swap e-zines and websites to gain more exposure for your business.

    So, while you've been reading the above, hundreds or thousands of people all over the world have been working to put money into my pockets, even while I sleep. By this time next week, this could be you.

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Article Submitted On: January 26, 2005