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Top 7 Guaranteed Ways to Always Look Your Best in Pictures

By Dominique James

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The following tips can help one look his or her best for any kind of professional photo.

  1. At picture-taking time, take a few seconds to compose yourself not just by fixing your hair and clothes (as well as your makeup), but more importantly, by fixing your facial expression. Start by relaxing the muscles in your face—your forehead, your eyes, your cheeks, your lips, your nose, your neck, and your shoulders.

  2. When you smile for the camera, smile not just with your lips but with your eyes. Tap on your source of joy from within (by thinking happy thoughts, remembering loved ones, or recalling happy moments) and let your eyes sparkle with brightness from this wellspring of emotion. The rest of your face and posture will follow.

  3. Quickly and automatically apply the easy secret of the most photogenic men, women, and children—put your chin down. What is being photographed is your face, not your neck. You become more photogenic by a factor of 20 percent when you slightly draw your chin downwards.

  4. To make a "double chin" magically disappear, simply extend your neck a bit forward to the direction of the camera. As an extra insurance, it may be helpful to make sure that the camera position is about as high as your eye level.

  5. To show poise, do not "confront" the camera directly. Squarely stand 2/3 to the side of the camera and then slowly and naturally twist the top of the body towards the photographer.

  6. In whatever pose you strike, deal with problematic hands and arms by making them fall naturally and comfortably to your side. You can also clasp your hands, cross your arms, or occupy them by holding on to small objects. Just make sure that your fingers are not spread out or clenched.

  7. Wear appropriate and subtle clothing and accessories. You don’t need to "dress up". Ideally, the outfit you should wear must best describe your unique personality, profession, or the circumstance of particular occasions.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dominique James is a professional portrait and fashion photographer based in Manila, Philippines. In the span of more than ten years, he has photographed scores of international celebrities, fashion models and beauty queens, as well as a number of the most recognizable brand names in the fashion, entertainment and lifestyle industries. He conducts professional modeling workshops for John Robert Powers, Cal-Carrie International Models, and other agencies.

To learn more about looking your best in pictures and to view his online portfolio, visit the Dominique James Photography Web site at [http://www.bigphoto.bigstep.com].

You can email him at or chat live through ICQ UIN: 28170968.

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Article Submitted On: December 01, 1999