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Top 7 Good Reasons To Quit Your Day Job In 2007!

By Bibi Liew

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If you can't wait to fire your Boss, spend more time with your family, and earn a great income from the comfort of your home, then lock your door and read on...

  1. Working at home and owning a home based business reaps many wonderful tax deductions that other businesses may not claim. If you live in the United States, did you know that even if your home business doesn't make a penny, it can put $5000 or more in your pocket every year in legal tax write-offs? It's true! Many expenses related to your business can be added to your tax deduction such as your advertising cost, either newspaper ads or magazines ads you run, internet access and long distance calls or other business expenses, keep your receipts for each bill paid. These are items that may be written off. Just be sure to consults your accountant or tax advisor to see if you are qualified for the deductions.

  2. Being having young children or elderly parents at home is another reason for working at home because some people are looking to combine parenthood with their career. In fact, studies regularly show that many parents would rather stay at home with their children if they could. A home office presents a perfect opportunity for them to have more freedom. In addition, the cost of a 'nanny' or a home daycare may be too high on a low wage, or parents may not wish to leave their young children regularly with someone else whose primary reason is to spend more time with their hildren. When child care is in the house, parents can have lunch with their kids or take breaks to play with them for few minutes. Full time child care and elderly home care can be expensive. If you are just starting up your business or need your full work at home income to make ends meet, then full time child care is probably not an option for you.

  3. Some people may have taken 'early' retirement before the state of pension age and feel the need for some extra cash. As an older worker, however, you will feel that the chance of starting in a new salaried position in a new environment is remote, to say at least. You don't want to dig up your roots and move elsewhere, don't you? At this stage, part time work at home or owning a home based business would be the right choice. Additional income while working in the comforts of your home - priceless.

  4. With fuel prices heading towards new heights all the time, everything is going to be more expensive, especially transportation cost. It does not matter if you drive, take the bus or take the subway to work, the bottom line is, it is going to get more expensive. Well, one solution is to spend more time and energy and start walking to work! Another more sensible and practical solution is to work from home. Can you imagine the amount of money you will spend on clothings for work at the office? I did my calculations and it was shocking! Working from home will save all that.

  5. Another often very compelling reason for working at home is that you're finding the life of a commuter too much to bear. The public transport never arrives on time and you have to choose between leaving home at some ungodly hour before sunrise to arrive hours before anybody else gets into their workplace. Or, you spend hours driving around eating up fuel looking for a parking lot? Sitting in a traffic that can hardly move? What about squeezing with everyone else on that packed bus or train for hours? Surely, there's something you can do which will improve your life style. You've had enough. You'll work from home.

  6. Do you ever work under a boss who thinks he is always right and your ideas are always left in the air? His or her management skills are no longer used by other peak performing companies. Simply put, his or her methods are out of date. Communications between him or her and the staff have degraded and the true potential of the staff cannot be fulfilled. Same routine for work everyday looks like dressing uniforms for you. You know there's no chance for you to climb above your boss's head, moreover, there's still 30 years to go until retirement. Thinking of suffering 30 more years? No way! If you are trapped with such a boss, fight back! How? Look for new opportunities to start out on your own. Such reasons for beginning a business often produce very good results. When you run your own business, you are the master. You take all the decisions and get all the rewards. Start working for yourself, not for someone else!

  7. A looming deadline, work overload, a demanding client, a vague manager or a constantly ringing phone... The most stressful jobs are, no surprisingly, the ones in which you are under a lot of pressure and have very little control over your schedule. You might need to cut down meetings or get an assistant. A period of excessive work can lead to emotional and physical burn-out. Some people often feel that they must work for long period of times. For example in UK, most people work over 46 hours per week, that's much more compare to any other EU countries. This is always linked to a perception that it is necessary to be seen as working long hour in order to justify a decent salary. Unlike working at home, you set your own hours and work when you want if you have a good time management.

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