Top 7 Free Ways to Market Your New Company

By Kevin O'Reilly

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Kevin O'Reilly is the owner of Heather Planet which is an internet based company that focuses on self defense poducts such as Tasers, peppers spray, stun guns, and hidden cameras. You can find out more at heatherplanet.com

  1. List your company products on craigslist.com or backpage.com for free.

    You can pay backpage.com for multiple markets and times. On craigslist.com you simply need to keep reposting every few days.

  2. Press release to your local newspapers, television channels, radio stations, and submit your press release to free services such as mininova.org, thefreelibrary.com, and i-newswire.com.

    Some of these sites will do more for a fee, but you can submit a bisic article for distribution for free.

  3. Meta Tag work.

    Make sure you are using the proper format for your meta tags for your site. Use the google.com free keyword tool to help. Make sure you are labeling your pictures in the altenative text box to also help with your google and yahoo search engines.

  4. Blog.

    Get on blogger.com or worldpress.com and start a free blog. Make sure to add pictures and video when possible to make the blog more interesteding and let people know about the blog as much as possible.

  5. Free profiles.

    Get your company profile out there as much as possible. Facebook.com, myspace.com, and yahoo.com allow you to create a profile for free

  6. Conduct a free seminar and do a press release regarding this to the local paper, radio, and television stations.

    Be sure to have something you are giving away at the event to draw more people.

  7. Create a video to drive traffic.

    You can submit to youtube.com or onetruemedia.com to get your video published on the web. If it is interesting enough a lot of people will find out who you are.

Kevin O'Reilly, MA

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Article Submitted On: July 08, 2009