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Top 7 Free Services To Gain Repeat Web Site Traffic

By Jimsun Lui

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Web site traffic is equal to the sum of first time visitors and returning visitors. If you can keep your visitors coming back frequently, I'm sure that you can get much more daily traffic as your traffic is built up from loyal visitors.

To keep your visitor revisiting your site frequently, a Web site must have valuable content and useful functions. The following tips can help you enrich your site content and improve your site functions.

  1. Offer free Web hosting services

    You can offer your own free Web hosting service to your visitors. They can create and update their own Web sites. Thus, you create a purpose for them to revisit your site. Is it costly? NO! You can even offer free Web hosting services without spending a buck. By offering free Web hosting services, you can gather lots of active visitors at your site because they need to update and improve their sites.

  2. Offer free trendy domain names as a gift

    .TV, .Biz, and .CC domain names becomes more and more popular. Many people want to buy them. If you can buy some domain names and offer these domain names for your visitors and clients through frequent contests or lucky draws, they will revisit your site frequently. Over time, they become loyal to your site. Also, they will tell their friends or visitors about your offer. You can attract new visitors too.

  3. Provide a free email account

    Another freebie you can provide to your site visitors is a free Web-based email account. Visitors can frequently come back and check email. It's not costly to provide a free Web-based email service. In fact, you may provide such a service without cost and even earn some money.

  4. Provide some simple yet useful applications

    You can also offer another type of free service to your visitors, e.g., a credit card and mortgage loan calculator, or even an optimal daily diet calculator. They are simple applications that suit everyone. Again, your visitors have one more reason to revisit your site. You may ask then, "Do I need to do any programming?" The answer is "NO!" In fact, free application providers are available.

  5. Free news headlines

    Internet surfers are quite interested in news. With the help of a free news headline provider, you can offer daily news to your visitors even though you are just a small business. The news provided by these free service providers not only include political news, but also provide state or city news, technology news, culture-related news, Webmaster-related news, and more. Thus, you can find some news pertinent to your site.

  6. Give away free e-books

    You can create an e-book that is related to your site content, e.g., if your site is health-related, you can create an e-book to teach people how to prevent heart disease. Inside the e-book, you can prompt readers to visit your site to obtain more detailed information. Also, you are better to state clearly that you are willing to allow everyone to distribute your e-book for free. As time goes on, you will have more and more visitors. Is it costly to produce your e-book? The cost can be as low as US$30 for purchasing high quality software. With e-book software, you can create hundreds of e-books packed with your tips and advertising information, and thousands of people will receive and read them. A good deal!

  7. Develop a forum

    You can create a forum at your site. Forum members can post questions and answers at your site regularly. Their questions and answers are indeed valuable and provide up-to-date site content. When members come often, your site becomes sticky with a good potential to earn more money. Good message board software that can deal with thousands of members is really not that expensive. The cost of developing a forum is more worthy than spending money on ezine or banner advertisements because the effect is long term and sustainable.

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Article Submitted On: December 01, 2000