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Top 7 Free Money-Saving Apps

By Kate Page

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Money-saving demands a lot of personal control, calculating, and attention to spending every dollar. But what if you could easily save money just using an app on your phone? Your smartphone can become a helper in money management if you download a few simple apps. Money-saving can turn out to be much more entertaining and notifications will help stick to the budget. If you are ready to try, check the list of the best apps for saving money below.

  1. Mint
    Mint is a must-have for those who start budgeting. An app is made to keep track of the financial activity from all of your accounts. All the transactions are recorded and categorized automatically. Mint creates a budget based on your spending habits. You may check your cash flow anytime and prevent potential problems. The visual representation of all the transactions might give you a desire to change the way you manage money, as well as understanding how to do it. The app is absolutely secure and protected by a password. The access can be deactivated through your phone or the official Mint website.

  2. Qapital
    Qapital is an app with numerous saving options. All you need is to set it up and then the saving will be done automatically. The basic option is to round up the change to the nearest dollar and the difference to the saving account. Qapital also allows transferring money to the savings when you spend less for a purchase than you planned. A certain amount can be saved daily or weekly automatically and you will not forget to do that. The peculiarity of the app is the option to set saving goals and share them with others.

  3. Shopkick
    Shopping is something that is completely opposite to money-saving unless you have Shopkick on your phone. The app rewards users for making purchases by giving them free gift cards, which can be used in partner stores. Shopkick reminds a game that encourages players to gain points named kicks. They can be received for purchases, walking into the stores, scanning products, or even visiting online shops. The kicks can be redeemed for free gift cards in Walmart, Starbucks, Target, and other popular shops. Shopkick has a great user-friendly design. Money-saving on shopping could really become fun with this app.

  4. RetailMeNot
    RetailMeNot is another great app for those who love shopping and want to save money. The app offers a lot of coupons, online discount codes, cash back offers, gift cards, and other great deals for food, beauty, fashion products, and even car rentals. A saving map feature allows finding beneficial offers near you. The automatic notifications will inform you about the expiration dates of the deals. There is no need to print coupons. You may just show them on the screen of your phone and get a discount.

  5. PriceSpy
    PriceSpy is made to help users find the best price for the product very fast. The goal of the app is to save your time and money. With PriceSpy, you may also get the product information, compare the items, or check their price and popularity changes. Voice search makes the process even easier. Product tests and expert reviews are also available; PriceSpy may prevent you from wasting money and overpaying for something.

  6. Ibotta
    Ibotta is a cashback service with amazing additional features. Before shopping, traveling, or going to a restaurant, check this app to find a deal and earn cash back. All you have to do is to send your receipt after making a purchase and link to a loyalty card. You may earn discounts and cash back by sharing the info on Facebook, watching videos, or using certain shopping apps. Cashback can also be earned if one uses apps such as Uber, eBay, and Jet. There are also welcome bonuses and points for sharing the info about the app with friends.

  7. GasBuddy
    This is an except for saving money on shopping; it is also a good option to find great deals on daily spending such as gas. GasBuddy helps you find the nearest places with the best prices for gas. The search shows the results by location, price, and brand. GasBuddy also offers bonuses for completing daily, weekly, and monthly challenges, writing reviews, and rating stations. With this app, you will never pay a full price for gas again.

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Article Submitted On: October 11, 2017