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Top 7 Federal Employment Laws And Tribunal Representations

By Frank Griffin

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There are several laws that are put in place to protect the rights of the employee in the workplace. They give employment advice to workers and when there are not followed the companies can get disciplinary action. Some of these include...

  1. Disabled people act

    Disability should not be used as a base to deny any person an opportunity to work if he has the capacity to do so. According to this act, an employee who is by any way related to the disabled person should also not be discriminated against in employment. The said disability can either be physical or mental.

  2. Age discrimination act in regard to employment

    Age should not be a barrier to deny anyone an employment opportunity. The act states the legal age that one is supposed to be in order to be considered for employment. The age may change from state to state, or from time to time. Usually, grievances concerning the legal age of employment are common.

  3. Consolidated omnibus budget reconciliation act

    This act gives you an opportunity to take part in the decision making concerning such issues as health care among others. According to the law, you have the right to claim medical insurance cover to your spouse and children in case of health complications or even death.

  4. Employee retirement income security act

    This ensures that there are retirement packages in the company that you are in and that they are reasonable and will assist you adequately in terms of financial resources. The benefits should not just be promised to you, the company has to follow through with them.

  5. Fair labor standards act

    The act sets the minimum wage, the money you get for extra work done, the records that companies have about you and laws that restrict child labor.

  6. Occupational safety and health care

    You should try as much as possible to avoid risky undertakings while you are working. It also ensures that you are well conversant on the existing laws that every employee should be subjected to when working.

  7. Family and medical leave act

    This act gives those employees who are covered leave from work for not more than twelve months. During this time, you are still paid and assured that you will still have a job when you get back. This is to give the employee some time off to rest or may be as a result of illness of a family member or even yourself as a worker.

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Article Submitted On: February 12, 2009