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Top 7 Facts About Eco Friendly ID Badges

By Lissa Seguin

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ID badges are everywhere. Men and women wear them pinned or clipped to their clothes to work, some carry them hanging from their necks in lanyards and we may even carry our club or library membership card with us in our purse or wallet. Most ID cards are made of plastic or PVC and, when they are discarded or they need to be replaced, they end up being thrown away causing a lot of damage to the environment. This is why card manufacturers have developed eco friendly ID badges that are less harmful to the ecosystem and do not pollute the environment.

If you are interested in introducing eco friendly ID badges in your business company, go on reading these top 7 facts about them.

  1. Eco friendly ID cards are highly versatile and they offer users the same printing capabilities as regular blank PVC or plastic cards.

  2. Eco friendly ID cards can be accepted by every kind of card printer and laminator machine. Users do not even have to worry about buying a special kind of ink or ribbon for their printer.

  3. Eco friendly ID badges are usually made of recycled plastic or biodegradable PVC. It is also possible to find some of them made of bamboo.

  4. These special identification cards can be found in every shape and size.

  5. They offer users the advantage of not damaging the environment once they are discarded.

  6. They are widely use in pro environment organizations.

  7. Users believe that letting their audience and customers know that they provide their workers with eco friendly ID badges definitely has a positive effect on their reputation.

Lissa writing about ID Badges Systems.

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Article Submitted On: January 23, 2012