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Top 7 Expert Tips to Avoid Screwing Up in Poster Printing

By Kaye Marks

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Afraid you will mess up your poster printing project? Do not worry yourself. With the seven expert tips below, you will never go wrong! So read on below, take down notes and learn how experts avoid screwing up in printing full color posters.

  1. Pick your printer precisely

    One of the most crucial choices you will need to face is the choice of printer. You will need to pick your printer precisely so that all the things you want appear in them. So make sure that you really “shop” wisely for your poster printer. They must have a good reputation, an affordable price and of course the right equipment that produces posters in great quality. I recommend searching the Internet for online poster printing companies and looking for the ones that use offset printers for creating color posters. These should give you the best quality.

  2. Seek guarantees

    A product or service guarantee is a legally binding statement. Once said, the firm is bound to abide by it or else face litigation when the customers choose so. This means, that guarantees are a great helper in not screwing up. All the printers that you choose should have a service guarantee of some kind. This at least gives you some assurance that things will go well.

  3. Choose your materials wisely

    Of course, your choice of materials can also affect the success and failure of your printing output. If you specified the wrong materials for your posters, any great poster printer will still have difficulty in producing the best posters for you. Therefore, it is important that you read up on the best materials. I recommend using the thickest possible paper material you want with a glossy coating. This gives the best and most professional look for color posters, while at the same time making them tough and durable.

  4. Choose your options carefully

    It is also crucial that you choose other printing options carefully. If you plan on hanging or spanning your posters in between columns and other structures, you might want to have some holes cut at the four corners to give space for string or rope. Other options you might want to consider are built in adhesives, special metallic inks, interactive elements and even embossing. You have to be careful and choose the right ones for your overall poster design. This can make your poster printing quite awesome or make it fail altogether. So be sure.

  5. Be smart in your sending

    When sending or uploading your design to a printing company you should be smart on how it is sent. Do not just send one file of your design. Send several in multiple file formats. This should eliminate any kind of file format problems as well as other digital glitches and that can alter or damage your design upon transmission.

  6. Be smart in your designs

    Also, it pays to be smart in your designs as well. Always send your main design with other different versions or options. By doing this, you can specify a certain alternative version to the printer, just in case any kind of incompatibilities in design and printing happen. Usually, I would send my designs in different backgrounds and text colors for options.

  7. Print samples first

    Lastly, whenever possible, it is best to print samples first. Printing samples at your own office or having them sent for from the printing company is a good way to at least judge how your design will actual look in real life. By having this initial impression, you might be able to spot any kind of errors that are not immediately visible in the digital copy of your design. You should be able to correct any possible errors here before the full poster printing begins.

Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in the poster printing industry that benefit small to medium scale businesses.

Source: https://Top7Business.com/?expert=Kaye_Marks

Article Submitted On: March 03, 2010