Top 7 Essentials To Shaping A High-Quality Service Image In The Customer's Eyes

By Nader Iznait

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Whatever is planned to not, every business has an image, and the most successful have learned that the positive image doesn't just happen. It's the result of a lot of planning, hard work, and doing a number of things consistently well.

  1. Develop a customer profile.

  2. Look at your business through your customerís eyes.

  3. Beware of overpromising and building unrealistic expectations.

  4. Use problems as opportunities to demonstrate just what great service your company gives.

  5. Develop a unique relationship with your customers and treat each one as someone special

  6. Keep in touch and keep them informed.

  7. Remember that a large part of good service is showbiz.

Nader Iznait - Technical Consultant for IT, Business Management and Marketing.

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Article Submitted On: May 24, 2007