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Top 7 Energy Saving Tips With LED Bulbs for Christmas

By Chris Miller

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Christmas is the time to bring about a new beginning to your life by decorating your home. However, if you are indeed serious about try something new for decorations this year, then opting for eco-friendly LED lights can do the trick for you. Here are some unique tricks through which you can greet Christmas without incurring a large amount as energy bill.

  1. Utilise LED lights to decorate outdoors

    Before you start decorating the exterior portion of outdoors, you need to check the places where you will be installing LED lights. Come up with an idea and decide on the exact number of lighting fixtures that you require. Choose a focal point for all the light strings. Light clips are ideal for use in decoration.

  2. Decide on the colour

    The light produced by LED lighting fixtures is usually blue. Incandescent lights on the other hand produce an orange shade. Therefore, if you are thinking about creating a proper colour balance within your home, make sure that different colour strings are used at different parts of the building. You can install lights that come with green cords on Christmas tree. Lights with white cords are more suitable for usage around the shrubs around windows and gutters.

  3. Decide on the power level you will use

    Normally, 3 W and 5W LED bulbs are suitable for illuminating gardens and patios which is lower than what you would normally do with incandescent lights. Available in the form of long light strings, you can plug them a number of times without blowing up a fuse.

  4. Use bright LED lights to create a positive mood

    Changing the usual types of Christmas lights which you use each year with LED bulbs is indeed a great idea. Once the old fixtures burn out, go for LED bulbs available at affordable prices online. These light emitting diode bulbs offer 90 per more energy efficiency compared to normal decorative lightings. They also have a higher lifespan, at least two to three times more than the normal bulbs.

  5. Enthrall guests using a Christmas luminaries

    One of the most effective ways of creating Christmas luminaries is to use a Christmas cutout and use a custom shape on paper bags. When asked, tell guests how you came up with an idea for the luminaires at the eleventh hour to ensure that the neighbourhood didn’t look too dull. It will help you to create a good impression about your skills as a craftsman.

  6. Old fashioned Christmas lanterns

    Ideal for Christmas, lanterns can also be used for decoration for other types of events as well. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you will have your task cut out to add a distinct touch to your Christmas decor.

  7. Install lighted grapevine balls in your garden

    Another option that can be used for decoration throughout the year, you can alter their look using accents and lightings to match the mood of the occasion. There are numerous tutorials which you can use to create grapevine balls.

The author is a blogger with avid interest in Lighting and Luminaries trends. He has written quite a few reviews on affordably priced 3W & 5W LED bulbs recently.

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Article Submitted On: November 23, 2016