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Top 7 Email Etiquette Tips

By Brian Grulke

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The following is a list of what-to-do's when using email as a means of communication.

  1. Read over your email before you send it. Although email is a more informal method of communication than writing a letter, be sure you make your points clear and concise. Use a spell checker if available.

  2. When forwarding messages, put your comments at the top of the message. Furthermore, refrain from sending messages which have been forwarded numerous times.

  3. Write descriptive subject lines. Many busy people will only open messages with captivating subject lines. Think creatively.

  4. When sending a Web site address, always type it in the form of "http://" because some email programs will permit the user to click on a Web address to go right there. Without the "http://" prefix, these programs will not recognize it as such.

  5. Be careful when addressing mail. There are addresses which may go to a group but the address looks like it is just one person. Know to whom you are sending.

  6. Reply as quickly as possible to the sender of an email if you think it is important enough to do so. You don't have to reply by typing a novel right away, but at least reply in a succinct manner.

  7. Be conservative with the email you send. Even if you are provoked, refrain from sending any type of degrading or derogatory email to any party.

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Article Submitted On: January 07, 2000