Top 7 Elements of a Publishable Press Release

By Lee McCaskill

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  1. It is news. An invention, a major acquisition, or the addition of recognized talent to your team are newsworthy events. Your efforts to boost sagging sales may not be.

  2. It is accurate. Don't make statements you can't support 100%. Your facts will be checked and your credibility is on the line.

  3. It is timely. News that relates to current trends and top stories garner the most attention from editors.

  4. It is sexy. Your story must compel the reader from the first sentence. Amateurish copy will jeopardize your chances for exposure.

  5. It is flawless. Mistakes and misspellings will doom your release. Use AP style. Check it. Double check it. Have someone else check it. Check it again.

  6. It is personal. Credible statements from satisfied customers or industry experts lend a human element to your story. Always end your piece with a quote.

  7. It is welcome. Develop a relationship with a reporter or editor and always address them specifically. Learn their style and their beat. Time your release carefully. Never "scoop" them with another publication.

Source: https://Top7Business.com/?expert=Lee_McCaskill

Article Submitted On: September 30, 1998