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Top 7 Elements Of A Professionally Prepared Email Press Release

By Rick Rodriguez

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    The subject line of your email should be the same as the headline of your press release. You may simplify your headline if necessary to fit within these constraints. Limit the amount of text in your headline to 6 or 7 words. Some email programs will show only a limited amount of text in the subject line. This fact will force you to make sure your wording is effective and to the point.


    The first line of your press release should read "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE" in all capital letters. Insert a blank line.


    Provide your corporate name and address. Insert a blank line.


    Type "CONTACT" in all capital letters followed by the contact person's name, title, phone number & extension (if applicable), and email address. Reaching your Public Relations contact must be very simple for potential reporter's to speak with regarding your current release. Insert two (2) blank lines.


    Be direct and to-the-point. Type your headline in all capital letters. Limit your headline to 10 words or less. Make sure your headline is effective and portrays the image you are trying to convey. Do not extend your headline beyond two (2) lines. Insert two (2) blank lines.

  6. BODY

    The body of your release should begin with your city, state abreviation, dash, date, and dash (ex: Milwaukee, WI - March 31, 1999 -). This text should appear bold compared to the remainer of your body of text. Introduce your subject to your reader and expand your story to 4 or 5 paragraphs. Provide quotes from reputable sources to provide credibility to your story. Insert a blank line.

  7. -30-

    Enter "-30-" which is a news symbol and the industry standard to indicate the end of your press release.

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Article Submitted On: March 31, 1999