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Top 7 Dynamite Writing Strategies To Deliver Explosive Articles

By Robert Bryan Anthony

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When you notice a demolition company about to explode a condemned building, you may wonder how they actually make it happen... Planning! Also, you've most likely seen videos of buildings creatively imploding due to dynamite or C4 explosives...Execution! The fact is, these companies know exactly where, why, and how to place the explosives in order to get the results they expect...Precision! Same with writing copy for headlines and/or articles for business and marketing. It takes Planning, Execution, and Precision to provide articles that matter as genuine value to a market place. If you want to deliver "explosive" articles, full of power and punch, then you will need to implement the following top 7 "dynamite" writing strategies that will bring you closer to your marketing results you expect.

  1. Plan a Keyword-Rich Title

    Compose an explosive article with a sensible title that contains the keyword(s), preferably the first few words. Be sure you perform proper "planning" for keyword research by using reputable keyword research tools like Google Keyword Tool.

  2. Execute Appropriate Word Count

    Compose explosive articles between 500-1,200 words since most Article Submission Directories expect a certain range of word counts. Words must be value-driven, targeted content that provides a solution for searchers. It's been stated that Google possibly expects at least 500 words to get any substantial page ranking.

  3. Break up Content with Precision

    Compose an explosive article body with strategies to make it easier for the common Internet reader. Use a variety of font type faces, like bold, italics, and underline, to "break up" the content. Separate paragraphs and they must contain, if possible, no more than 4-5 average sentences and 5 to 6 shorter sentences.

  4. Making the Difference Means Taking Action

    Compose an explosive article that will provide you with dynamite results and will provide a Call To Action at the end. If your product, service, or content is worth buying, using, or sharing, then it's wise marketing to be sure people know what you want them to do next after reading your content. Most often this step is in a Resource Box.

  5. Submit Your Content So People Can Share

    Compose an explosive article that uses the beneficial assets of Social Media and the ability to submit article content for syndication and sharing. If your content is worth sharing, then submit the article to at least the Top 10 Article Directory or Submission sites, which can be found at vretoolbar.com/articles/directories.php.

  6. Continue the Conversation

    Compose an explosive, value-filled article and Tweet on automation using programs like Twitter, TweetAdr, HootSuite, or SocialOomph. Being able to share your content right after you've composed your articles is a good way to "stay connected" and continue the conversation with your friends, prospects, and targeted audience.

  7. Integrity Is Priceless

    Compose an explosive article packed with Integrity! Probably one of the most vital aspects of creating dynamite strategies that deliver explosive articles for marketing is to be as honest as you possibly can. Telling the truth is a virtue that will increase trust, respect, and eventually pure loyalty! Don't underestimate the power of having integrity in everything you write and do because, in this day and age on the Internet, being truthful IS Priceless!

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Article Submitted On: February 01, 2011