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Top 7 Do's and Don'ts When You First Meet a Woman Customer

By Delia Passi

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With women customers, your introduction is critical. Women are very sensitive to how they are treated by salespeople, so getting off to the right start is critical. If you can gain her trust, she can become a loyal customer for life, and women are far more likely than men to recommend the people they enjoy buying from.

  1. Look your best.

    She is going to consider your appearance in deciding if she is going to be comfortable dealing with you. Make sure you are always neat and presentable. Once she arrives it's too late to tidy up. Check your hair and clothes during the day. Be conscious of your breath. She doesn't need a distraction or an excuse to leave.

  2. Keep your environment in order.

    If she comes to your office, don't have too much on your desk. Clear away used cups, dishes and containers. If you can, have photos of family where she can see them. And if she visits you in a store environment, make sure there is no disorder to your merchandise or displays. Check your bathroom to be certain that it is clean, and make sure the entry to your business makes her feel welcome and safe.

  3. Shake her hand properly.

    You'd be surprised how many women are put off by salesmen who offer her a wimpy, limp handshake. Your handshake should tell her that you respect her and you regard her as a decision maker. She may offer you a wimpy handshake but you should still be relatively firm. Whatever you do, don't crush her hand. This is no time to project dominance.

  4. If the woman comes to you with her husband or other male relation, shake hands first with the one who is standing closest to you.

    Don't reach past her to shake his hand first. She may be the one who has the final say on the purchase and you don't want to create a bad vibe before you even start talking. If you give out a business card, make sure you have one for her as well, and again hand it to them according to who is closest.

  5. Make eye contact.

    Some men have difficulty looking a woman in the eye, but if you are in sales you need to overcome that problem. And unless you're selling shoes, definitely keep your eyes above her shoulders. Be discrete. A woman can tell when you're not looking at her face.

  6. Smile.

    She needs to feel comfortable with you and nothing is quite as comforting as feeling like you are appreciated.

  7. Pay attention.

    Women often complain that they aren't heard, that the salesperson immediately starts thinking what they are going to sell and they don't focus on the problem she wants to solve.

Delia Passi is CEO of Medelia, Inc. and founder of WomenCertified(TM). WomenCertified is a program that teaches sales and service professionals how to most effectively communicate with their women customers. It is an online certification program that can be acquired at http://www.womencertified.com

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Article Submitted On: January 27, 2009